Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

There are multiple ways in which I work with adults to create insight, change and movement toward more freedom in their life. These can look (and feel) differently, but I’m a big believer that they are all of value. From psychoanalysis to group psychotherapy, there are a lot of options. Let me introduce you to them here.



If you’re someone who is interested in digging deep, if you are someone who is surprised by some of the things you do and you want to understand why, psychoanalysis is likely a treatment for you to consider. Psychoanalysis is at a high frequency, meeting multiple times per week. In contrast, psychotherapy often only meets once a week. This high frequency supports understanding unconscious motives, underlying patterns and your relationships. This is not simple stuff to decipher. I listen with intention to your stories, your fantasies and your dreams. Psychoanalytic treatment doesn’t just target a symptom or two, but works with the whole person for lifelong change. You have been impacted by your life in more ways than are obvious. We look at this together under a microscope with the idea of understanding your development, your adaptations, your survival…so that you can meet your life with more freedom.


Individual Psychotherapy


Group Psychotherapy










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