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If you’re interested in digging deep...

If you are surprised by the things you do and you want to understand why... 

If you’re someone who wants treatment at a different rhythm than you’ve had before...

then psychoanalysis is a type of therapeutic work for you to consider. 

A fantastic psychoanalyst and supervisor of mine once used this analogy with me: Psychoanalysis like going to the gym. You could do the work once a week, but going more than once a week creates a different experience. More is more. It's a different pace. You have different results. What do I mean by higher frequency? That might mean we have sessions twice a week or more. It will be up to us to figure out what frequency makes the most sense for you. 

The higher frequency supports our joint effort to understand your desires, your pulls for freedom, the ways you may keep yourself small. Together we get curious about your unconscious world, the parts of yourself that are hidden, the underlying patterns that repeat themselves. This is not simple stuff to decipher. I listen with intention to your stories, your fantasies and your dreams. Psychoanalytic treatment doesn’t just target a symptom or two, but works with the whole person for lifelong change. You have been impacted by your life in more ways than are obvious. We look at this together under a microscope with the idea of understanding your development, your adaptations, your survival . . . so that you can meet your life with more freedom and ease.

Wondering (and wandering) together, we look at how you carry your relationships past and present with you today, consciously and unconsciously. We use our therapy relationship as a gauge of how you navigate the world, of what your expectations of others are and what you assume others expect of you. 

I truly feel honored when someone decides to take up this work with me. It’s interesting and meaningful and I don’t take it lightly. I look forward to diving in with you, helping you figure out what you need and supporting your growth as you move through this world and build something better for yourself.