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You know you need some outside support. However, finding a therapist you can trust and open up to feels harder than you thought it would be. Looking at websites, pictures, reading bios, it feels like everyone is blending together. How can you determine who to call? Do you need a psychologist? A life coach? A psychiatrist? And what is the real difference between these services?

I am a clinical psychologist in Plantation.

I know that you have the strength to live the life that you desire. My job is to help you tap into the insight you don't even know you have. We work toward making the adjustments to live the life that you want. This could mean working through past hurts. It might mean improving your current relationship patterns. Sometimes, psychotherapy is about taking better care of yourself. Other times, it's about feeling the confidence to embark on new adventures.

Psychological Services

I provide individual therapy for adults with a variety of needs. However, my specializations include:

  • working with people who have relocated or moved alone to the south Florida vicinity, including Fort Lauderdale relocation
  • working with people who struggle with food and emotional eating, including binge eating.
  • using Accelerated Resolution Therapy to shift from images and feelings associated with trauma.

Learn more about Miami and Fort Lauderdale relocation services and therapy for chronic emotional overeating and binge eating.

Call me at (954) 336-4049 for your free 15-minute phone consultation. Let's see if we're a good fit.

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Dr. Karin Lawson

I know you have pain. Things are not going well. People are challenging. Stress is on the rise. As a Plantation psychologist, I collaborate alongside you. You don’t have to be so alone in this. Together we’ll figure out what needs to happen to move toward the vision you have for your self and your life.  This means that I don’t work step-by-step in a “one-size fits all” approach. To me, what is more important than any specific technique is the working relationship between therapist and client. Read More

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