Why Psychotherapy Now?

A new circumstance brought you to south Florida and you’re laying awake at night, feeling anxious, questioning your choice and realizing that living here isn’t what you had hoped. You feel like a fish out of water, paralyzed with what to do next and how to survive here. Everyone back home thinks it’s so amazing that you moved to Miami, but you wonder if it’s possible for you to make a life here.



Maybe south Florida isn’t new to you and neither are the strong urges to compulsively manage the demands of your life at the end of your workday. You’re successful and on the top of your game in other people’s eyes, but when once you leave the office you’re feeling alone, exhausted and as if your life revolves around stress. Numbing yourself with too much food feels good in the moment, but it’s soon followed by intense shame as judgement and criticism about “self-control” scream loudly in your head.


Dr. Karin Lawson

My values as a psychologist include flexibility and creativity. This means that I don’t work step-by-step in a “one-size fits all” approach. To me, what is more important than any specific technique is the relationship between counselor and client. Read More

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