Licensed Psychologist Providing In-Person Sessions in Wilton Manors, FL and Online

Picture of Dr. Karin LawsonFinding a therapist you can trust and open up to feels harder than you thought it would be. Looking at websites, pictures, reading bios, it feels like everyone is blending together. How can you determine who to call? Do you need a psychologist? A psychoanalyst? A life coach? A psychiatrist? And what is the real difference between these professionals?

I am a clinical psychologist (and psychoanalytic candidate) currently located in Wilton Manors and providing services in-person or via video, if you're a Florida resident.

Life is rough and therapy sounds intimidating to many people. Maybe it's the idea of emotional intimacy, care and trust that puts you on edge and makes you unsure if it's right for you. I wonder if some past hurts are surfacing now or if you're just feeling lost and don't know where to start.

Psychological Services

I provide individual therapy, psychoanalysis and group psychotherapy for adults with a variety of needs. People who commonly come to see me have often experienced some of these:

  • struggles with the relocation to south Florida
  • struggles with binge eating
  • fatigue from people pleasing, working around others' emotions
  • struggles to keep relationships or choose healthy people
  • an interest in dreams
  • curiosity about their unconscious life

Call me at (954) 336-4049 for your free 15-minute phone consultation. Let's see if we're a good fit.

As Seen in:

Dr. Karin Lawson

I know you have pain. Things are not going well. People are challenging. Life has been hard and confusing. As a therapist, I’m with you. You don’t have to be so alone in this. Together we’ll work, not just on a symptom or two, but your wholeness. I want to know what has impacted you, who has impacted you and explore the parts of life that are fuzzy and mystifying. What is more important than any specific technique I use is the relationship and trust that you and I develop. Read More

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