Individual Therapy and Psychoanalysis in South Florida

Individual therapy and psychoanalysis seems a mystery to many people. The way it’s portrayed on TV often doesn’t help. The more we lean into your life, your thoughts, your fantasies, wishes and dreams, the more depth and understanding is created. With that depth comes increased awareness, freedom and less managing life on default patterns and old scripts. You might think of it as an experience in becoming more seasoned.

My Approach

Together, we will explore your history and people who have come through your life. There is a lot to talk about, not just what happened last week or last month. We lay out your life experiences, your most impactful relationships and the ones you don’t feel are impactful. Wondering (and wandering) together, we look at how you carry those relationships with you today, consciously and unconsciously. We use our therapy relationship as a gauge of how you navigate the world. As a team, you and I are curious and investigate together. It takes time to build this level of therapeutic trust.

I truly feel honored when someone decides to take up this work with me. It’s interesting and meaningful and I don’t take it lightly. I look forward to diving in with you, helping you figure out what you need and supporting your growth as you move through this world.

Let’s explore making the change that you deeply desire. Call me at (954) 336-4049 for your free 15-minute phone consultation to find about individual psychotherapy or psychoanalysis in my Wilton Manors office or online.


Karin Lawson

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