What the Heck is a Process Group?

With the newfound popularity of Christie Tate's book, "Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life" conversations are happening about group therapy, individual therapy's cool elusive cousin. Because I tend to facilitate process groups, I want to break down some components of what a process group looks like. To try and explain how you can use...[ read more ]

Phoenix Rising – Online Process Group for Women

group of women laughing

Phoenix Rising - An Online Process Group for Women in 2021! This online process group for women is meant for those seeking growth, change and who have a willingness to build a safe, yet challenging community. It will be running for 10 weeks from January 6, 2021 - March 10, 2021. See below for additional information and frequently asked questions....[ read more ]

Grappling With the Unknown

Image is of a rollercoaster to go with the metaphor of a ride

The unknown has been on my mind a lot lately for various reasons, some of which, surprisingly, are not about the context of the world and the United States at large. "The unknown" is a common theme in therapy. Will I find love in my life? Should I take this job? Was it the right choice to move here? What's...[ read more ]

Stress Management Support Group for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Stress Management Group for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners is here. This support group is intended to help you navigate these stressful, anxiety inducing times. If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, stuck or frozen in dealing with your business and would like the space to talk about it, obtain strategies for managing your well-being and feel like you're not the...[ read more ]

Group Therapy for Therapists – Updated FAQ December 2020

Group Therapy for Therapists

Group Therapy for Therapists is now a long-term process group. As of December 1, 2020, this interpersonal process group will remain open until we have 8 members at which point it will be a closed group. It will open for new members anytime we drop below 8. If you are interested in being on the list to join at the...[ read more ]

The Commotion of Emotion

Man expressing emotion

Emotion is not typically considered people's best friend, but it is nothing to shy aware from, because emotion is information. It help us understand what's impacting us; what's touching a hot spot. They also aid us in understanding our histories. Anger to me may not have been explained or experienced in the same way in my life as it was...[ read more ]

FAQs About Group Therapy for Therapists

Group Therapy for Therapists

Group Therapy for Therapists Updated August 3, 2020! This will be a closed interpersonal process group. See below for additional information and frequently asked questions. 1. Who is Group Therapy for Therapists for? This group is for therapists who want to intensify and deepen their therapeutic work, by exploring their personal work. It's for therapists who may feel anxiety about...[ read more ]

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy uses eye movements in the treatment protocol.

In January 2019, I pursued training in evidence-based Accelerated Resolution Therapy. You may often hear it pronounced using the letters A.R.T. or ART, not to be confused with "art therapy". I was drawn to ART because I was hearing great things about the relief that people were feeling from their PTSD, phobias and situational anxiety among other struggles. I was...[ read more ]

What’s Therapy Like?

Many people who haven't been in therapy wonder what therapy is like. Is it like Toni Collette in Wanderlust or Naomi Watts in Gypsy? Therapy seems to be such a mystery experience sometimes, even to therapists who are in therapy. First, it is because there are many schools of thought, which vary in their manner of therapy. Secondly, the personality...[ read more ]

Read This Blog Post on Procrastination (So You Can Avoid Doing The Thing You Need To Do)

Man Procrastinating on Sidewalk

Does your pattern of procrastination get you frustrated, angry or hopeless? Do you self-criticize and judge yourself for not being more effective at getting dreaded tasks done? What if the tasks aren't even that dreadful and you're STILL not doing it? So often, people assume procrastination is a character flaw, something they do . . . that they "shouldn't" do....[ read more ]


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