What You Bring To The Table

What You Bring To The TableWhat do you like about yourself?

This is a question I ask all new clients on their initial paperwork before we first meet. When we’re struggling with a piece of our life (or maybe the big picture of our entire life) it’s important to not discount our strengths . . . what we already bring to the table.

Sometimes, remembering that we’re not just floundering, but that we possess abilities and values reminds us that we’re not just made up of our problems.

If you need a reminder of those good things in you, write three things that you like about yourself and post it on a stickie somewhere you’ll see often . . . maybe a mirror, closet door or wallet.

You might also consider taking the VIA Character Strengths survey, which is free online. It is a scientifically validated research questionnaire stemming from Dr. Martin Seligman out of the University of Pennsylvania and his field of Positive Psychology. This fairly lengthy questionnaire helps identify those innate character strengths that you have inside of you, even when it’s hard for you to recognize.

For many people not only is it unclear what their strengths are, but it’s uncomfortable to give it credit. Some fear it’s too self-absorbed or could lead them down a road of an unrealistic, exaggerated sense of importance.

I say, fear not, because the majority of people I run into don’t embrace their strengths and resilience enough. There’s a common tendency to be overly comparative with others and hyper critical of the self.

Truth is that there is always a “shadow side” to a positive characteristic. We can be self-assured or cocky, charitable or a martyr, loving or smothering . . . but let’s just start by sorting our what our strengths are before we jump to the assumption that we’re “too much” of it.


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