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Here we are. I’m so honored that you dropped by to take a look. My intention is to provide resources and space for like-minded people to come together, learn from each other and be provoked toward growth.


Let’s talk about . . .Welcome to my blog

  • How to get out of our comfort zone
  • How to be more self-compassionate
  • How to enjoy the small moments
  • How to create more social support in our lives
  • How to increase our authenticity
  • How to take steps toward change, if change is something you’re wanting


This isn’t about being perfect nor striving toward perfection, but being imperfect and being okay with that, while still shifting and growing as a person. I was pulled into the field of psychology because I valued reflection, responsibility, and risk . . . all of which are needed to varying degrees for meaningful growth. These can be intimidating topics. It often feels risky to look at ourselves and sometimes see what we don’t want to see. However, that’s actually when it gets fun! When we can take responsibility and own that we have power, then change can occur. Change can be scary and chaotic and uncomfortable, because we’re often moving toward something less familiar. Yet, not making the shifts we want or need is often worse. So, let’s ride this ride together and create a community of support and excitement as we take care of ourselves.

To kick us off, I’d like to spend a few moments inviting you to think about my three Rs:  reflection, responsibility and risk. Where is your relationship with those ideas? Journal, bullet-point, art-journal or sing your thoughts as you spend some time in reflection:

Take a few deep slow breaths and allow the oxygen to take you nervous system and muscle tension down a bit. If at any point you need to refocus on the reflection, just go back to taking a few deep breaths. Sometimes closing your eyes for a few seconds can also help you get focused, as it lessens the stimuli (e.g. the kid running around, the roommate cooking dinner, the dog staring you down).



Ask yourself the following:  How challenging is it for you to be quiet and still? Do you enjoy opportunities to self-reflect or is it intimidating, scary, anxiety-provoking or something else? If you enjoy self-reflection, think about what it is that you value about it. What does it give you? If it is uncomfortable, any thoughts on why that might be? What do you want to avoid?



When you think about responsibility, what are the first words that come to your mind? Is there a positive or negative feel to it? Or maybe it’s a bit of both? I often hear that responsibility is burden, but what about the idea that responsibility is the opportunity to make choices and decisions and choice is power, therefore responsibility is power? In what ways do you have power with the responsibilities you hold? How do you feel responsibility for your life? In what ways do you feel responsible for who you are as a person?



What words come to mind when you think about the word risk? Is it fear, anxiety, excitement, or something else? Think about risk as feeling vulnerable. It could be financial vulnerability, emotional vulnerability, physical vulnerability, relationship vulnerability or any combination of the above. What about the concept without risk there is no reward? Is that true for you? What risks have you been interested in taking with your future? What risks have you been interested in taking with your relationships? What risks have you been interested in taking with your work? Have there been any recreational activities that you’ve wanted to try, but it feels risky? What category(ies) of vulnerability do your risks fit into? Remember there is no judgement about what feels risky to someone. What feels risky to me might not feel risky to you and vice versa. If you felt yourself being judgmental, then go back through the risk questions allowing ANYTHING to pop up.

In what ways might you apply the process of reflection, responsibility and risk together toward a goal? How might those three concepts come together to get you to a different place? What other questions that weren’t listed above, came up for you during this time?

And with that . . . welcome to my blog! Please feel free to take a risk and comment below! Deep breath.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. Lkpnyc says:

    Risk/Vulnerability is a real challenge for me, even today. I’m working on it, though. So excited about your blog – I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Shana says:

    I love this! All three of these hit home for me. Reflection is hard because I always feel the need to keep moving, so slowing down to reflect is hard. Responsibility is hard because I fear failure. I just made a risky career decision, so pat on the back to me for that and hopefully it ends up being a smart risk! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Amanda Mellowspring says:

    Love this! So kind & authentically approached in your writing. Btw – although my nature is risk-avoidant, I think I have become rather taken with risk through the years. Reflecting on that…

  4. admin says:

    The support and love is so appreciated. What great risk taking with the comments above . . and so relatable! Thank YOU for sharing! -Karin

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