Walk Slowly

Walk Slowly

Walk Slowly

This is one of my favorite poems to read at the end of a yoga practice. To me, what I often feel in yoga is that reminder to slow down, be curious and open to what lies ahead . . . no matter what comes. Sometimes what comes in the yoga practice is a stiffness or ache or limitation that wasn’t there last week, for whatever reason. The challenge is to pause, maybe be gentle, accepting and to not charge forward into that chaotic, harried criticalness of “why”? Why is my body not bending as far forward? Why is my twist tighter today? Why am I not enjoying child’s pose like I use to? Well, that my friends, translates even if you don’t do yoga.

(Said to ourselves in a frustrated, sad, or angry tone)

Why am I so irritable right now?

What’s wrong with my concentration today?

Why hasn’t my friend called me back?


Let it be for a moment. Most of the time we don’t need to figure it out right this second. Pause. Sure, it can be helpful to understand what’s going on . . . that maybe our boundaries, sleep, routine (insert almost anything here) has slacked and that’s why whatever is happening is happening. However, if our “why” is demanding, reactive and harsh, then it does us no good to be curious in that state of mine. Let’s just walk slowly first (metaphorically or really) . . . get our breath back, and be kind to ourselves, before we step into the mystery.

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