Your Therapist’s Office Space: Is it Important?

Office Space Conversations

Recently, I had multiple conversations with colleagues and friends about therapists’ office space. As many of you know, I added an office in Plantation, FL last October. It took some time for me to adjust to this partial relocation. I was really unsure what felt wrong or was it simply different? There were different neighbors with different noises. I had a window in this space. (Isn’t that suppose to be a bonus?) Clients and I were physically closer without a table between us. (My assumption was that it might support feelings of connection.)

Often, there are nuances in a space that sometimes you (or I) don’t really acknowledge. Attachments develop in that place. One friend talked to me about how her therapist had relocated offices . . . and it wasn’t as though the new office was “bad”. It was simply, not the same “feel” and it is going to take some time to adjust. For this friend, it was initially distracting being in the new office. There were new things to look at, new sounds, new scenery out the window.

Office Space Adjustment

I asked my clients who had been working with me in my office in Miami, how they felt in my new office in Plantation. Everyone said the equivalency of “fine.” No complaints. However, the dismissal of it being no big deal, shifted over time. I was moved when some people said a literal “goodbye” to the Miami office. Logistically the Plantation office was going to be more feasible for them. Others didn’t realize how much they missed the Miami office, until we decided to have session there again after some time away.

I had not initially recognized the significance that office space can bring both for myself and my clients. Clients are the ones who let themselves be vulnerable, take risks and talk about hard things in the room. It’s not just a room, as my dear friend put it, it’s a “sacred space.”

If you’re looking for therapy, I hope you allow yourself to take in the environment. Pay attention to what space feels positive, soothing, relaxing for you. It’s not the be-all and end-all of your psychotherapy experience, but it’s a part of it.

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