The Negative Zone Turned Upside Down

I can’t help but feel the negativity of the world these days and see how it impacts my thoughts. The intensity of the politics, the repeated crime against our fellow humans, my small privileged stressors of everyday are unfortunately in my awareness, even when I try to avoid the news. I recognized the toll recently, because I tend to be pretty upbeat and positive, but after repeatedly seeing a shared video on Facebook and all the enthusiasm around it, I continued to ignore it. I made assumptions about what it was and my assumptions made it unappealing. Then finally one day I had some extra time available and for the umpteenth time, this video showed up in my feed again. So, I finally gave in and I watched it. This just proves to me how openness is my ally, even when my expectations are low.

This video has caught the attention of numerous people with the experience it provides. Some people have described this video as “unfiltered,” “free,” “with open joy.” I was struck how the woman had brave tattooed on her arm. I find that people don’t usually tattoo something unless it’s been a piece of their own personal work. I think her personal work has paid off, because people (including Brené Brown) are exclaiming how brave she is for exuding this pure joy. I also find that sad, that such an unbridled expression of happiness is categorized as “brave.” Yet, as challenging as it is for people to let go and be themselves in their fullness expressive potential, we need examples like this to remind us (1) it is possible, and (2) others benefit from one person’s self-expression. It’s not selfish. It serves the greater community on multiple levels. So, on that note, I invite you to watch THE VIDEO and see what it means to you.

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