The Intentional Inbox

The Intentional Inbox

I know what most of us need is fewer emails coming through our inboxes. However, what if you had a weekly or monthly dose of uplifting encouragement and actually gave yourself 5 minutes to open it and let it sink into your brain?

As I was cleaning out my own inboxes (yes, multiple inboxes), I couldn’t bring myself to unsubscribe to a few newsletters that I don’t make the time to read, but I also can’t bring myself to delete. In the rare instance that I do read them, I like them. I like what messages they represent, and I like how they cause me to reflect on myself and my life and how the theme may or may not resonate.

Instead of not opening and not deleting, what I decided to do instead is to keep three subscriptions and actually take a breath when I see them. That’s the deal. I have three I intentionally kept in the loop, and all I am obligated to do when they come through my inbox is: Take a breath.

What ends up happening for me, is that the breath creates a pause. And that pause creates a recognition that I can take 5 minutes and absorb this email goodness that I handpicked. Revolutionary, huh?

It seems so simple and yet is challenging, nonetheless. I have to continually remind myself of my new pattern:

See the email. Breathe. Take 5 minutes (and the bonus is that most of the time, it doesn’t even take 5 minutes).

While I limited myself to three email subscriptions because it just felt like a doable number, there were plenty of others that were good, and who knows, maybe I’ll rotate them back in at some point. For now, I’m limiting myself to three and actually reading them.


If you want to let more inspiration and goodness and intentional reading into your inbox, you might check options these out:

Rick Hanson is a psychologist who explains all about the fascinating world of neuroscience and brain plasticity with a weekly simple practice in easy-to-understand language.

Anna Guest-Jelley is my yoga teacher and the CEO (Curvy Executive Officer) of Curvy Yoga, a physical, mental and emotional practice of body acceptance.

Maria Popova is sole creator of Brain Pickings, who curates a wide range of topics of an interesting and life enhancing nature.

Chris Guillebeau is a writer, traveler hacker and Art of Nonconformity advocate. I attended his World Domination Summit in Portland, OR back in 2013, which was full of inspirational people doing all sorts of creative, entrepreneuring, and out-of-the-box living.

Ryan Holiday sends you one email a month with 5-10 of his non-fiction book recommendations that are meant to stick with you and impact your life.

Karin Lawson publishes an almost always monthly newsletter meant for a mix of colleagues and lay-people with updates on my practice and offerings, as well as some links to interesting and inspiring bits of psychological information.


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