The Psychological Aspects of Tadasana/Mountain Pose

The symbol of a mountain evokes many kinds of connotations. To me tadasana is like that power pose (a.k.a. the superman pose) that is talked about in Amy Cuddy’s TED talk.

How mountain became a more meaningful experience to me during my yoga teacher training was because we went through all these nuances of standing. After the work of checking-in with the various areas of my body, I felt powerful, extraordinarily stable in standing. My friend, Natalie, owner of The Road Om and fellow yoga teacher out of Pasadena, CA use to say “Ta-da!” whenever we would get into Tadasana and it rang so true for me. It’s almost like “Here I am. I’m showing myself to you.” The open palms evoke a sense of feeling somewhat vulnerable, yet for me because I worked on having a solid, stable base, it didn’t feel too vulnerable. This is so similar to life, when we have social support, self-care and healthy coping strategies, taking risks still feels like we’re opening ourselves up (because we are), but yet it feels doable and we’re not overwhelmed by it.

Here’s to creating your power pose!

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