Stress Management Support Group for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Stress Management Group for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners is here.

This support group is intended to help you navigate these stressful, anxiety inducing times. If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, stuck or frozen in dealing with your business and would like the space to talk about it, obtain strategies for managing your well-being and feel like you’re not the only one . . . this is the place for you.

1. When and Where?

Fridays starting May 1, 2020

11:00am -12:15pm

Online video platform

2. Who is this group for?

This group is for adults who ultimately work for themselves. This group is appropriate for independent contractors, private practice owners, business owners who provide a product and business owners who provide a service. It’s for those who have taken a risk to have independence and to create something that works for them . . . even if you’re working 24/7 to make it happen. This group is for people who who may feel anxiety about being a part of a therapy group, but are willing to feel the anxiety and participate anyway. It’s for therapists who are willing to be vulnerable with their peers in an effort to gain more insight and satisfaction both personally and professionally. When we grow personally, we grow professionally.

3. Have Chris and Karin facilitated groups before? Are they qualified?

Between the two of us, we have facilitated hundreds of groups in all sorts of settings, on all sorts of topics and with a wide variety of people. We have both taught collegiate level classes and have a special interest in teaming up to support this special group of people in our Florida community. We believe in entrepreneurship with all its risks and rewards. We want this group investment of time and energy to be worth it to you. While we can’t make guarantees, we will work hard to support you as best as we can.

4. What is a stress management support group?

This is a group that will be loosely structured by the facilitators. It will include time and space for group members to check-in about their current stress levels, opportunities to get to know each other, learn practical techniques to use between group sessions for stress management and an opportunity for group members to give that unique support each other throughout the process. There will be opportunities to give the facilitators feedback through online surveys so that the group will be constantly striving to improve and meet the needs of its members.

5. What are some of the gains I can get from this group?

Some possible gains can include . . .

  • a sense of community, less isolation in this unprecedented time.
  • a place to share your stress, worries and frustrations without needing to self-edit for the sake of family, friends, colleagues or employees.
  • practical stress management skills and ways to improve your well-being.
  • keeping your business perfectionism from taking over and driving the bus.

6. What if I join group and want to quit?

We ask any group members who want to quit before their 6 week commitment is up, to talk to Chris and Karin about it to see if the issue or concern is able to be resolved, rather than leaving. Consistency between group members is often what helps to create a sense of community, openness and an avenue for people to really talk about the tough topics.

7. What’s the minimum and maximum number of group members?

The minimum number of group members will be 5 and the maximum will be 12. If we have enough interest expressed in this group beyond 12 members, we may start a second group to meet at another day and time.

8. How long will sessions last? How long is the commitment?

Each weekly group will be 75 minutes. The group will start with a 6 week commitment, with the option of continuing beyond those initial 6 weeks for another 6 weeks.

9. Please explain the payment structure for group.

Group is $50 per session, which is over 30% off of the normal group fee. Payment is due at the beginning of the month for the entire month. If you have to miss a group, even if you know about it ahead of time, you still pay for the full month. Think of it like an stress management gym membership. Regardless of how many times you go to your gym, your payment is holding your membership open.

10. What about holidays?

If our group falls within a holiday or holiday weekend, we will discuss as a group what the members would like to do. Payment will not be expected for sessions that are not held.

11. Will new members ever be allowed into the group?

After the initial 6 weeks, new members will be allowed in the group if there is space available.

Stress Management Support Group for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Interested? Curious? Unsure? Call Karin to chat and see if “Stress Management for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners” is the group for you.

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