Salabhasana/Locust Pose

Lying on our stomach, relaxed with our arms straight by our sides, legs are straight with toes pointed. Head is down. On your next breath we lift our arms, legs, head and chest up toward the sky with our eyes looking forward. Arms are still near our body parallel to the floor with outstretched fingers. The spine is extending, which means the neck is not curled back toward the shoulders, still lifted, but long and forward. It’s important that when we engage our muscles we don’t hold our breath. Go slow so you can be attentive to how your body feels with each piece of the pose. We’re working on strengthening our lower back, leg muscles arms and shoulders with this asana, which is in the backbend family.



Instead of lifting everything all at once, play with lifting one arm/leg at a time or the legs by themselves and then the chest, head and arms together on a different inhale. Also, give yourself permission to play with the height of your lift, depending on what feels safe for your body, including your spine.

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