Relocation to Miami: 3 Tips for General Well-being and Adjustment

It can be exciting and adventurous to move to Miami. However, when the initial newness wears off, you may realize there are parts of life that you haven’t planned for in this new place. Check out these tips for creating some familiarity and balance in your new city.

Where is your green spot?
Nature is a natural de-stressor and so good for the mental well-being. Assuming most of us don’t work outside, we need some outdoor space to disconnect with technology and reconnect with some peacefulness and stillness.

  • Your task, should you choose to accept it: Find yourself 2-3 accessible go-to spots in nature (e.g. park, beach, bay, backyard, maybe just one good shade tree down the street)

Where is your new breakfast/coffee/juice place?
Whatever your morning routine, create some intention on scouting out the nearby breakfast places or those on your way to work. Hopefully you have a few choices. When we go into the same place regularly, we recognize people and they recognize us and it can be connecting to feel that familiarity first thing in the morning.

  • Your task, should you choose to accept it: Give all the nearby morning foodie places a chance and then choose the one that fits for your regular routine.

Where do you move your body?
Moving to Miami is a real change of climate and culture for many. Consider if you’d rather try new exercise routines that are unique to this location versus the default gym rat routine. Sometimes the default gym option can be soothing, because it’s predictable and you’re already experiencing so much change. However, if part of the excitement of moving here was to be near the beach and the culture of Miami, this is a chance to incorporate that into your life in a more regular way. Only you are going to know if you are ready to mix it up or rely on the options that are familiar to you.

  • Your task, should you choose to accept it: Try a new movement option, such as free yoga in a park, run by the beach, Cycle the Underline (the 1st Saturday of every month a free cycling club does it together) or salsa dance classes.

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