Relocating to South Florida

Relocating to South Florida was an exciting prospect. A much wanted change of scenery. An opportunity to mix things up professionally and personally . . .

. . . after a while though, your reality feels different than you imagined. You’re staying home a lot. Emotionally fatigued from work, you think you “should” get out and explore the area more, but you just don’t have the energy (physically or emotionally). It all feels like too much. You only know a few people. You’re not really sure where to start and before you know it, you’ve already found yourself in a daily pattern that feels depressing. You go to work and you go home. That’s it. You keep setting goals to try new things and to find some Fort Lauderdale friends, but week after week it’s not happening. You’re lonely. You’re feeling hopeless and anxiety is kicking in. Relocating to South Florida is not the easy breezy vision you had.

You can’t imagine moving back, but you find yourself fantasizing about how simple and predictable friends and dating were before you came here. You use to know the lay of the land, but now you’re wandering without a compass.

How can therapy help me in my move to South Florida?

No matter if it has been 3 weeks or 3 years, many of my clients recognize that the transition to South Florida has opened them up to new struggles that they’ve never experienced before. For other clients, previous struggles have resurfaced, such as anxiety, feelings of panic, depression, loneliness, isolation, chronic emotional overeating or other challenges.

Through therapy, we can work together to:

  • Figure out what “home” means in your world and help you design that here in Fort Lauderdale or Miami
  • Create the social life and support you need in this “new place”
  • Look at what balance looks like in your life and implement strategies for wellness
  • Explore your resiliency and strengths to bolster your coping skills
  • Evaluate any historical information in your life that might be informing your struggles right now, such as past trauma and/or loss

My services include video-therapy. Should your occupation include frequent travel or maybe you want to start collaborating before you the move, there are ways for us to have some consistency through this change in your life.

You can get through this time of transition.  Sometimes we need to not be in it alone and figure out the missing pieces that will help us thrive and shake off the unsettled sensations of relocating.

Call me at (954) 336-4049 for your free 15-minute phone consultation to find out about relocating to South Florida therapy support.


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