Purple Rain

Prince QuoteEven though Prince and I go way back . . . and by way back I mean cassette tapes, I wouldn’t label myself as a huge fan, like my brother . . . until his episode on New Girl, which Fox will be replaying this Tuesday night! I have a soft spot for celebrities who can tolerate some jokes about themselves. When I heard that his movie Purple Rain would be shown at a local theater, I decided to go in part as a way to memorialize an amazing musician and in part to pay homage to the 80s. I had no idea if the theater would be full or empty. It was sold out.

Nothing had prepared me for the variety of people and the vibe. This semi-diverse group was primarily in their 40s and 50s and they sang along and quoted the entire movie. It was a blast. It was hilarious 1980s campiness mixed with some high-energy fans. Unexpectedly, I felt really connected to this massive group of strangers who swayed to the music and cheered on the musical solos. One of my top 10 loves has got to be feeling connected to a massive group of strangers. It also happens at 5K runs and marathons. It’s those experiences of passion and dedication and being moved by something that gives me hope for our society. It feels as though something else supercedes our norm and breaks through to create a new group vibe, and by that I mean a whole new atmosphere and emotional state.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of when you have been able to tap into this positive, accepting, fun-loving group vibe. Where were you and how did it come about? Something tells me that Prince would have been over the moon to know that his legacy helped to generate that, and my guess is if it happened in one movie theater in Miami, it probably happened in countless other places and spaces as well.

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