Planners: The Love, The Organization

I often don’t need the new year to have a feeling of freshness to my life. I’ve mentioned this before. I enthusiastically use the first of the month as a new beginning. . . or it’s also a great way to reframe the concept of Mondays. However, one part of the new year that feels particularly special is getting a new planner. I promise I have tried to go completely electronic in my scheduling, but organizer-791939_1920there’s nothing that beats the beauty and inspiration of a special planner you can hold in your hand. So, if you’re in the days of old, like me, and want to check-out some new organizational options for your busy weeks of 2016, here are a few to get you going. Let me just be clear that I’m not affiliated with any of these products and this is entirely coming from my own healthy obsession with interesting planners.

Tranquility du Jour Daybook

Kimberly Wilson who created Tranquility du Jour is originally from Oklahoma (like me!) and is a therapist and yoga teacher in Washington D.C. I found her online ages ago, but we finally got to meet at a conference in Portland, OR a few years back and then again listening to Jack Kornfield in Miami, FL. Her daybook planner is all feminine all-the-time and full of creative inspiration. This is also where I found the “read-two-books a month” idea!

Get to Work Book

I found the Get to Work Book on Instagram and fell in love with its clever name. It’s the opposite of Tranquility du Jour, in that it is a no-frills format. Although I assume it evokes its own sense of tranquility with its simplicity.

Passion Planner

To balance it all out comes the Passion Planner. This one calls itself the “life coach that fits in your backpack.” I mean, who doesn’t need that?

It’s actually pretty ironic that I’m doing a post on planners, given that I have a tendency to not use them consistently. That doesn’t really matter to me though, because I still love them and always go back to them at some point. I think for me, they’re there when I’m in a hectic spot in my life and they serve the purpose to clarify and make the schedule of to-dos tangible and manageable.

I noticed that all of these planners mentioned were created by entrepreneurs. It’s pretty amazing what one random person out in the world can manifest and how so many of us can benefit from it. I hope you take that to heart and keep brewing whatever is on your agenda these days.

What does a planner give to you? How does using one serve your mindset? Does it create peace of mind or overwhelm you because it’s one more “thing to do?” Do you go back to the same planner every year? I love to hear the stories of how some people finally run into a system that works for them. Feel free to share in the comments.

And if you need a bit more support in getting your life to a less overwhelming place, feel free to call meand let’s see if working together in psychotherapy is the right fit for you.

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