Consultation for Peer Consultation Groups


Isolation is one of the most common complaints of private practice. A lot of energy goes toward client care, marketing your practice, keeping up with the demands of insurance and paperwork. Given that I was coming into private practice from a multi-disciplinary residential treatment center, consultation was a vital part of my work. I didn’t want to let that go. As a result, I started my own consultation group right away. It’s not easy or simple to have the ideal group. There are a lot of pieces to consider.

I have a deep curiosity in making peer consultation more readily available and accessible for other professionals. Peer consultation dynamics, group structure, frequency, focus or theme of the group and overall group success are just some of important elements.  I have presented on these at professional continuing education events and what I keep hearing from colleagues and audiences is . . .

  • I wish I was a part of a peer consultation group.
  • My consultation group is more social than consultation.
  • We can never find a time to meet.
  • I need to hear more diverse clinical perspectives.
  • No one in my group is willing to have difficult conversations.
  • I miss being able to talk with other clinicians to keep myself in check.
  • We can never start on time and by the time we get going, I’m ready to leave.
  • Can I join your group?
  • The vibe of my group feels competitive and I don’t feel comfortable taking risks there.
  • How did you find a peer consultation group?


When there are so many eager professionals, who desperately want clinical consultation, why don’t more people start their own group? Why are there many people just out there wishing and wanting and not creating?

One reason is that clinicians don’t want to “manage” a group. Taking on the responsibility of starting a group, regardless of whether you facilitate it or not, can be complicated and effortful.

Regardless of your hesitation in making your peer consultation dreams a reality, I’m here to help you. I provide Consultation for Peer Consultation.


Consultation for Peer Consultation is an opportunity to create from scratch or revamp your peer consultation group, so that it is all that you want it to be. It is bringing in an outside perspective, in full support of your group being nourishing to your and your members’ professional life. What can I do to help? I can . . .

  • facilitate, if your existing peer consultation group needs to work through some challenging dynamics or reoccurring interfering patterns
  • help you dig deep to clarify your intention behind your peer group
  • work with you to make decisions on structure, frequency and format of your ideal consultation
  • create a launch plan with you so that your group is set up for success right from the beginning

What do I mean by a “successful peer consultation group”? I mean those elements that support clear expectations of members, commitment and consistency (unless you’re shooting for a drop-in group . . . which I don’t recommend). Given the research, authored anecdotes by master clinicians, and my own decade of experience being a member and facilitating consultation groups, I distill all of that confusion into simple choice points. I get to know you and what you’re really wanting. Then I work with you to blend in what is typically successful in having a meaningful experience . . . a group that is worth your time, effort and investment, as well as worth the time, effort and investment of your members.


Whether you’re local to South Florida or another distant location, we can talk! This type of consultation work doesn’t need to in person and I’m happy to meet over video conference to connect. Contact me today for a free 20-minute conversation about how I can help.


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