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Isolation is one of the most common complaints of private practice. I heard those who had gone before me loud and clear on that issue before I hoped onto the private practice train and I was determined to be preventative in that professional loneliness so many articulate. Given that I was coming into private practice from a multi-disciplinary residential treatment center where consultation was an on-going spontaneous and scheduled event in my professional life, I was bound to feel the difference in these two work settings. So, I jumped in by starting my own consultation group right away with a few trusted colleagues and some colleagues that they knew, but that I didn’t know.

Where that has led me is toward a deep curiosity and interest in making peer consultation more readily available and accessible for other professionals. What I keep hearing now that I’m exposed to more of the professional community is “Oh, a consultation group? I wish I was a part of one. I need to hear other perspectives.” or “I sure miss being able to talk with other clinicians and checking myself.” or simply “Can I join your group?” or “How did you find a peer consultation group?”

So my questions are:
When there are so many eager professionals who desperately want clinical consultation, why don’t more people start their own group? Why are there many people just out there wishing and wanting and not creating?

Is it the assumed responsibility of facilitating that turn people off? Is it the possibility of rejection that no one will want to join their group? Is it the dread of organizing and rallying people together to even meet on a consistent basis?

Regardless of your hesitation in making your peer consultation dreams a reality, I’m here to help you. I provide Consultation on Peer Consultation.

This means, that I will:

  • come in and facilitate a third party process, if your existing peer consultation group needs to work through some challenging dynamics or reoccurring patterns
  • help you clarify your intention behind your group
  • help you decide on structure, frequency and format of your group
  • help you launch your peer consultation group so that it’s set up for success

What do I mean by a “successful peer consultation group”? I mean those elements that support clear expectations of members, commitment and consistency.


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