Moving Away and Moving Towards – The South Florida Experience

I’m beginning an 8 post series on the psychological thrills and disappointments of moving . . . specifically to south Florida. More and more in my private practice, professional adults are coming in struggling to find their routine, their social connections and their balance, despite the initial excitement of moving to the east coast. Sometimes this reality hits a month or two after moving . . . or sometimes a year. After moving to south Florida TWICE in my adult life from other states, I admit that it can be a hard transition, but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable. However, I think some people need more support than they initially recognize, because as I find out many comes for a year or two and assume the solution is to leave. I don’t think that’s always the answer.

Both on the blog and on Facebook, I will be suggesting resources and ideas about what you can do to take action, take care of yourself and explore in order to claim your life here. Along the way, I’d love to hear your comments about the challenges you faced in moving to south Florida.

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