More Resilient

More Resilient

Instagram artist Mari Andrew is someone I discovered the past year or so. Her simple, yet profoundly truthful illustrations are what have made her a favorite of mine and many others. What I didn’t know, until now, was part of Mari’s story and how her drawing helped her in a particularly challenging time of her life when her physical well-being (and subsequent emotional and social well-being) were interrupted by illness. You can read more about that here.

However, she hasn’t just had one painful life experience. There have been heartbreaks, losses and boring jobs. One of her points is that something comes from everything we live through, the good and the bad. We become wiser, more resilient, more attuned, a better friend . . . whatever it may be . . . As Mari notes in her interview here . . . and this is my take-away message for you in this post:

No experience is wasted.
-Mari Andrew


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