How to Make Friends in Miami

So, you’re new to the area? Or you’re not new to the area, but you haven’t really found a friend group? Here are four ideas to get you out and about. Let’s talk about how to make friends in Miami.


Check out

If you’re not familiar with, first let me clarify, this is not a dating website. It is a website to find like-minded or at least like-interested people. Anyone can start a meet-up group. Some are really active. Some are really stagnant. Some are free. Some have a fee. There are typically more interesting groups than anyone could possibly join. The variety of activities is vast and diverse. Check out the pictures and description of events and you’ll get a fairly accurate vibe and age of the crowd to see if it’s what you want. Just a few examples in Miami:

Brickell Toastmasters Club Meetup – 845 members

Women in Miami Tech – 427 members

Wynwood Graffiti Lessons – 256 members

Nerd Night Miami – 4,679 members

African American Social, Adventure and Sports – 2,773 members

New in Town – Miami and Broward – 4,722 members

You get the idea!


Find a house of worship

If you don’t know where you land in the range of spiritual or religious groups, explore. Do some internet research for places nearby and try a few that peak your interest OR dive into this sampling of Miami’s historic houses of worship!


Find a favorite gym or exercise class

Now this isn’t my mode of operation when it comes to making friends. When I get into my movement, I’m more of the solitary, music listening, day-dreaming sort. However, I know for others, once you go regularly at the same time on the same days, people start to recognize you and you start to recognize them. Then you kinda feel like acquaintances and so small talk starts. This can be a two birds with one stone kind of scenario.



No matter what kind of life you lead, volunteering is never a bad idea and it doesn’t have to be a time suck. There are volunteer opportunities for introverts and extroverts. Volunteer opportunities to be outside or stay inside. Think about what you care about in life. What topic, theme or group would you feel good about giving back to? You’re going to meet people volunteering starting with the person you talk to when you inquire about the opportunity. Here are a few ideas that will hopefully just be a springboard. Do some research of your own and take the time to figure out something that fits with your schedule. Bonus points, because it can also be a stress-reliever and growth instigator as we do something different, create diversity in our life experiences and are empowered to make an impact on the world.

Volunteer Clean Up – Help Clean the Shoreline

Make The Homeless Smile

Miami Habitat for Humanity

The Tribe for Jewish Young Professionals

Volunteer Match Miami


Something that I notice with most of these ideas is that they have the potential to connect you to your values. When we are thrown for a loop or feel off kilter by life (such as when we relocate somewhere), by reconnecting with concepts that bring our world meaning we’re giving ourselves a touchstone, a base. It helps us not feel so lost and out of touch with our foundation, our core sense of self.


If you’ve tried to branch out and you’re still finding yourself lonely, isolated and disconnected, let’s talk. You can call me for a free 15-minute consultation to see if working together might be the support you need at this time to figure out what’s getting in the way.

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