Individual Psychotherapy in Miami

Psychotherapy is a provocative, exploratory, intriguing process and can even be lighthearted at times. You might think of it as an experience in becoming more seasoned. The more we lean into your life, the more depth and understanding is created . . . and with that comes increased self-awareness, freedom and less managing life on auto-pilot.

As a therapist, I primarily approach our work together in two ways . . .

The first approach, if needed, is more pragmatic and skills-based approach. This means, we’ll look at pieces of life, such as your sleep habits, your self-care, the way you manage difficult emotions, etc. We’ll get some tools in place so that you don’t feel as overwhelmed or out-of-control, so that we can shift into the second therapeutic direction a bit more.

The second psychotherapy approach is exploring your life history (the good and the difficult experiences) and see how that impacts the person you are today: your relationships, your decisions, your strengths, your identity. In this approach we use our therapy relationship as a gauge of how you navigate the world and we work together to make things interpersonally better for you.

I look forward to diving in with you and supporting your growth as you move through this world.

I can help you make the change that you deeply desire. Call me at (954) 336-4049 for your free 15-minute phone consultation to find about psychotherapy services in my Miami office.


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