Fun Distraction

Fun DistractionI’m not really trying to promote more computer use here, because I think many of us could stand to cut down on the screen time . . . okay, I could definitely cut down on the screen time. However, in the spirit of supporting you with some resources, I had to share these. I talk a lot with my clients about the amount of fun in their lives and what they use as distraction when they need to decompress. I think if we could combine the two then we would have a winner!

Now I know many of you may be wondering why we need distraction, because aren’t we distracted enough as it is? The point of healthy distraction is to give ourselves a break, to focus on something pleasant or neutral at the least and to help our central nervous system de-escalate from stress, fear or anger . . . typically those energetic emotions.

So, I ask you, “Do you have any fun in your life?” and “What are some of your healthy distractions?” If you need to expand your repertoire a bit more in these areas, check these out.


Be Jackson Pollock without the mess!


Don’t think too hard about this one. Explore, play and discover!


Draw with flames!


Speak Your Mind



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