Focusing in February – Old Becomes New

I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted for my New Year’s resolution. Thank goodness I did not get frustrated with myself and have an expectation that I “should.” I was actually (for once) just very curious and accepting of the fact that there was not an obvious vision of what I wanted to focus on for this year. Interestingly, some things did emerge for me in January and maybe they just needed a little more time and space to make themselves known. I particularly appreciate the fact that when some foci became clearer, it wasn’t through journaling or list-making as it typically has done in years past. My New Year’s intentions came through action. That’s new for me! I just did them and then wanted to do more of them. It’s interesting how action produces motivation, when so many time I feel like I need to conjure the motivation before the action.

Here is one thing I did that then evolved into my New Year intention: As you might know by now I live in South Florida, but I have many dear ones in other states. Facebook has been incredibly handy, to feel connected with many people, and I have an appreciation for that technology (most all technology). I don’t tend to have “Facebook depression” or other ailments that come from reading about other people’s lives. I love hearing what people are up to, whether it’s a comedy of having many kids or the realness of being sick and overwhelmed. It is life. I appreciate catching a glimpse of people who have impacted my life and hearing the good, bad and ugly.

Having said all of that, I also have a pull for the nostalgic, classic, old-school pieces of life, such as a handwritten note. In January of this year I bought myself a small red writing desk. I had been talking about it for years and then one day I searched for one online within my price range and ordered it without over-thinking. After I assembled it myself (proud moment), I wanted to sit there and I wanted to write handwritten notes to my lovelies.

I think this was inspired in a very subtle way by seeing pictures on Instagram of people who art journal and send small creations to each other for fun #mailart. I value the process handwriting and art journaling . . . I say as I am typing this. I am struck by how being involved in technology and social media has its perks and has its place . . . and also draws me back to the way things used to be . . .and still can be.

I hope as February finds you, you are engaging in “new things” and making new steps. For me, this new step is actually an old step revived. However, I consider it new, given that this is a different time and space in my life. Things will never be exactly like they were, because I am always changing and growing. Hopefully my notes to others will also reflect those pieces of me that have expanded.

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been. “
–Ranier Marie Rilke

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