Phoenix Rising – Online Process Group for Women

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Phoenix Rising – An Online Process Group for Women in 2021!

This online process group for women is meant for those seeking growth, change and who have a willingness to build a safe, yet challenging community. It will be running for 10 weeks from January 6, 2021 – March 10, 2021.

See below for additional information and frequently asked questions.

1. Who is Phoenix Rising for?

This online process group is for adult women who want a different experience in their life. It’s for women who may feel anxiety about being a part of a therapy group, but are willing to feel the anxiety and participate anyway. It’s for women who are willing to be vulnerable within this intentional community of safety,  accountability and a growth-oriented focus.

2. Do I have to have been in a group before?

Prior group experience is not necessary. All you need is a willingness to listen, share, take risks, get to know others and let others get to know you. I know . . . not so simple, but oh so meaningful!

3. What can I potentially get out of this group?

The intention behind this group is to:

  • Increase awareness of emotions (and the complexity of emotions)
  • Improve relationships (both as experienced in group and then translated into life outside of group)
  • Create a new understanding of yourself and your patterns (What do you shy away from? What’s hard to talk about with others? How do others experience you?)

4. What if I join group and want to quit?

I ask you to commit to a 10 week minimum and if you have a desire to leave the group before that I encourage you to bring the desire for leaving group to group for support and exploration. You are welcome to touch base with Dr. Karin Lawson to get support on how to talk about your concerns and feelings with the group.

5. What’s the minimum and maximum number of group members?

The group will be considered open to new members until we reach 8 group members at which time the group will close to new people.

6. How long will sessions last? How long is the commitment?

Each weekly session will be 90 minutes. I ask you to commit to a 10 week minimum in order to really give the group experience a fair shake. The experience of support, courage and vulnerability that group members feel from one week to the next can really shift.


7. Please explain the payment structure for group.

Group is $50 per session. Payment is due at the beginning of the month for the entire month. If you have to miss a group, even if you know about it ahead of time, you still pay for the full month. Think of it like an emotional gym membership. Regardless of how many times you go to your gym, your payment is holding your membership open. Some insurance plans may reimburse you for group therapy sessions that were attended.

8. What about holidays?

If our group falls within a holiday or holiday weekend, we will discuss as a group what the members would like to do. Payment will not be expected for sessions that are not held.

9. Why is group therapy a good idea?

Group therapy is a unique laboratory where you get to try new ways of exploring the changes you want to make in your self-understanding, your communication with others, and your emotional insight. The exciting thing about group is that it is a microcosm of the world. What happens in the world happens in group. It can be a powerful experience to be in an emotionally intimate community with a facilitator . . . an experience that is not easily forgotten.

Phoenix Rising Women’s Group 2021


Interested? Curious? Unsure? Call me and let’s chat to see if the Phoenix Rising Group for women is the space you need.

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