Common Misunderstandings About Living in Miami

The plan is to live in Miami and have an adventure. Maybe you made the decision, because you needed a change, or maybe work twisted your arm to relocate to Miami. Either way, the secret is how to make it work for you. Here are commons misunderstandings about living in Miami:


Misunderstanding #1

You’re going to be on the beach ALL. THE. TIME. Some people find that actually making time for the beach can take some effort. HINT: You’re not on vacation. You’re living in Miami. Unless you literally dwell in a beach condo, it can be a bit of a challenge to have your beach time on a regular basis between all of the life stuff. Don’t lose heart, it just may take more effort than you originally assumed!


Misunderstanding #2

You have to be “thin and sexy” to live here. First of all, let’s keep ourselves from buying into the stereotype perpetuated by media that serves no one and harms many. Miami definitely has a reputation for being focused on an unrealistic appearance and yes there is a fair amount of plastic surgery and a gazillion diets (to reject). However, just like any city, there is a diversity of people. That means there are people out there whose ideas on life match yours (i.e. what’s actually important in healthy relationships). There are people in Miami who deeply value intelligence, creativity, advocacy, spirituality, outdoor adventures, introspection, community, etc. A vast majority of people move here from somewhere else, which means your politically oriented better half or your the person who likes to Netflix and chill ARE out there. You just have to think, where do the type of people that I want to meet, go to hang out? They’re waiting!


Misunderstanding #3

You need to speak Spanish. As a non-Spanish speaker, who has lived in Miami and greater South Florida for 13 years, I survived just fine. It can be helpful and every year I make a resolution to learn, but it doesn’t HAVE to happen. So, embrace the slow learning that occurs when you have colleagues, neighbors and friends who expose you to a few new words . . . or jump in and immerse yourself. You’ll be fine either way!


Misunderstanding #4

Traffic is crazy and is going to get you killed. If you’re an alert (non-texting) driver, you can do this. Driving and living in Miami may be intense depending on where you’re coming from. For some it actually feels slow paced, for others the traffic and overall feel is incredibly fast and reckless. To me, the key is to take it seriously. Be alert. Never drive intoxicated. Check your road rage. I’m one of those weirdos that enjoys my car time, because I listen to podcasts and do a bit of car dancing when the right music is on, but I’m also watching the body language of all those distracted drivers around me. I have a good guess who is a liability and who is not paying attention. All this to say, there are ways to cope and make your drive doable, instead of letting it create anxiety for you. You got this!


I hope these dispel the idea that living in Miami is like the TV images of South Beach or the drama of CSI: Miami. Yes, you are still going to go to the grocery store and the veterinarian and do your laundry. All the normal parts of living happen here. So, don’t let stereotypes and myths get you psyched out.



If living in Miami is not exactly what you expected, let’s talk. Sometimes it’s just a bit of an adjustment and there are ways to shift that without a lot of in-depth therapy. Sometimes there is something more complex going on and it is impacting your ability to settle in and make this home. Either way, you can call me for a free 15 minute consultation to see if working with me might be the help you could use.



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