Our Emotional Life is Housed Not Only in Our Brain, but Also Our Body

A brand new feature of the blog will be a monthly yoga post. The intention is to focus on one asana (or pose) each month. Modifications for the pose will be mentioned, as well as potential psychological ways to utilize the pose. The idea being that our emotional life is housed not only in our brain but also our body. That's...[ read more ]

Are You Carrying Around a Self-Defeating Belief?

I am so honored to have my dear friend Tracy Martin contribute to this blog. Tracy and I have been friends since junior high, but the long lasting friendship is not why she’s posting here today. It’s her self-reflection and creative pursuits that have given her so many interesting opportunities to create for others. I’m happy that she’s sharing some...[ read more ]

Being Open to Others

There are times when I want “alone time.” Sometimes this means still being in a public place, but not feeling particularly chatty or overly friendly. I want to be quiet. I don't want to be “on.” I just want some space. Despite this intention and hope, it doesn't always happen that way . . . and there are times I...[ read more ]

Don’t Think Too Hard

The other day I was asked to moderate a talk after a play which touched on various life issues and themes, such as feminism, relationships, and stages of life. My reward was getting to go to the show for free. I love theater and I don't go often enough, so when the option of a free ticket came up with...[ read more ]

A Love for Learning

Last November I attended a day-long training with Drs. C. Alexander and Annellen M. Simpkins on “Neuroscience for Clinicians: Mind-Brain Change for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Moods and Substance Abuse.” What a fun dynamic team of psychologists they were! As you can imagine, each of those subtopics could have been its own full day of learning, but the overview was powerful...[ read more ]

Set Your Creativity Free by Tracy Martin

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" -Albert Einstein Encouraging creativity in others brings me great joy. I’d like to spend this time discussing what I see as an enormous impediment to the creative process. As a creator and seller of handmade items, it is refreshing to see an increasing interest in handmade. I see a growing appreciation for crafters of all...[ read more ]

Planners…..My Crazy Obsession

As I've mentioned before, I often don't need the new year to have a feeling of freshness to my life. I enthusiastically use the first of the month as a new beginning. . . or it's also a great way to reframe the concept of Mondays. However, one part of the new year that feels particularly special is getting a...[ read more ]

Reading, Reading, Reading . . . or not . . .

First, I have to acknowledge that this title came from my fabulous new virtual assistant Gwendolyn (you can check out her site by clicking here) as she and I were communicating about writing more for the blog and on a bright Monday morning I get an email from her that reminds me to do some “writing, writing, writing.” It made...[ read more ]

Coming Soon: Mindfulness Meditation 101 Group

I'm really excited to share that in late January 2016, I will be starting a 6-week mindfulness meditation group! This is a shortened version of a group I led for two semesters at the University of California-Davis with undergraduate and graduate students and I'm so excited to be bringing it to the Miami community. Here's an appetizer about why mindfulness...[ read more ]

Self-Care Reactions

Hi dear reader, Hope this finds you well. I'm so moved my the positive feedback and support I received last week. It was quite a process of reflection, responsibility and risk to put myself out there like this. It meant the world that you supported it. Speaking of the three Rs from last week, I wanted to follow-up a bit...[ read more ]


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