Why Someone Suffering From Depression Can’t Just ‘Get Over It’

When talking about depression, a lot of people forget that depression is an illness that requires proper attention and treatment. If you’re depressed, it can be incredibly frustrating to hear things like “Just get over it”, “You’re being really dramatic”, “You have to be strong”, “Learn to deal with it”, “Happiness is a choice”. You might start to internalize these...[ read more ]

5 Important Relationship Questions . . . You Need to Answer

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but here it is again: Relationships are tough and they require work. You and your partner have to be ready to put in the effort (that means, time, energy and emotional risk). One way to do this is through frequent evaluation of your relationship. Here is a list of some important questions to...[ read more ]

5 Steps To Work On Your Co-dependence

Do you find you accept responsibility for a loved one’s emotions or actions? Are you constantly trying to please others? Do you neglect your own needs and have difficulty setting realistic personal boundaries? Do you often feel resentful yet have difficulty stepping away from a dysfunctional relationship? These are some of the symptoms of codependency. Codependent people look for external...[ read more ]

Aging Parents and Depression

As our parents age, we want to treasure them for as long as we can, so we look for ways to help them stay healthy and active. But many older people suffer from depression, a condition that is not always easy to battle. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, depression affects more than 6.5 million of the 35 million...[ read more ]

Using S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Self-Esteem Shifts

Dr. Kristen Neff acknowledges in her writings and her academic research, self-esteem is created by comparison and evaluation. It's the work, school and sometimes even the play environments that most often builds or tears down our self-esteem. If you know me at all, you'll know that I'm not a fan of the comparison route. We do enough of it already...[ read more ]

How to Make Friends in Miami

So, you're new to the area? Or you're not new to the area, but you haven't really found a friend group? Here are four ideas to get you out and about. Let's talk about how to make friends in Miami.   Check out Meetup.com If you're not familiar with meetup.com, first let me clarify, this is not a dating website....[ read more ]

Relocation to Miami: 3 Tips for General Well-being and Adjustment

It can be exciting and adventurous to move to Miami. However, when the initial newness wears off, you may realize there are parts of life that you haven't planned for in this new place. Check out these tips for creating some familiarity and balance in your new city. Where is your green spot? Nature is a natural de-stressor and so...[ read more ]

Moving Away and Moving Towards – The South Florida Experience

I'm beginning an 8 post series on the psychological thrills and disappointments of moving . . . specifically to south Florida. More and more in my private practice, professional adults are coming in struggling to find their routine, their social connections and their balance, despite the initial excitement of moving to the east coast. Sometimes this reality hits a month...[ read more ]

More Resilient

More Resilient

Instagram artist Mari Andrew is someone I discovered the past year or so. Her simple, yet profoundly truthful illustrations are what have made her a favorite of mine and many others. What I didn't know, until now, was part of Mari's story and how her drawing helped her in a particularly challenging time of her life when her physical well-being (and...[ read more ]

How I Coped with My Wife’s Infertility: A Male’s Perspective

How I Coped with My Wife’s Infertility: A Male’s Perspective

This is the second installment of back-to-back blog posts written by a couple in the south Florida area. When I personally read their words, the rawness and poignancy struck me immediately and I knew I wanted to share them with you. These are re-posted from Finding Cloud 9, the blog of Fort Lauderdale psychologist Jamie Long, with her permission. If...[ read more ]


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