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Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Therapy in Miami, FL

Do you relate to this? You avoid social events with food, because to eat in public is embarrassing for you. If you do go out, you limit yourself only approving certain foods.  After the fundraiser or networking event, you finally get to unwind and let go.  It’s the end of the day, finally. You go through the drive-thru on your way home or maybe a couple of them. You have some of the food in your car and the rest you stash into your briefcase or work bag, so no one will see you bring it into the house. Sneak eating in the car or late at night while other people are asleep is feels like a special ritual, rebellion, permission, and an escape. Unfortunately, the next day you wake up with shame and an unrelenting internal critic berating you for your perceived lack of willpower.

Often people who range from chronic emotional overeating to binge eating disorder blame themselves for their struggles. I don’t believe that blame-game is effective or creates change. I actually believe that self-blame keeps you stuck.

Having worked over a decade in both outpatient counseling and residential eating disorder treatment, I know that the development of a disordered relationship with food and body is the way people have survived life. It is a coping strategy. While it may not be the most effective coping strategy in the long run, it did the job in the short term.

How can therapy with me help you change your relationship with food?

Most of my Miami clients have tried a lot of different strategies over the years to limit their calories, improve their nutrition, and finally get off the food roller coaster. It seems almost impossible that something as simple as sitting down to do talk therapy could really be the answer to changing this habit that impacts so many areas of your life.

Therapy with me is interactive, directive, and will help you get to the bottom of why, so we can create a thorough plan to shift your dynamic with food long-term. Our strategy won’t be about will-power, shame, or all-or-nothing strategies. We will work together to:

  • Collaborate with you on creating meaningful change in how you perceive yourself and your body.
  • Acquaint you with shame resilience.
  • Explain the binge-restriction cycle, so that you can see it happening and intervene.
  • Introduce you to a team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals in Miami that will not reprimand you, but support you.
  • Counsel on emotional awareness, how emotions can show up physically in the body and how to tolerate, soothe and work through those feelings without using food as your default strategy.

You can have a different relationship with food ongoing, and let go of the stress, shame, and cycles that are stealing joy from your life.

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