Being Open to Others

There are times when I want “alone time.” Sometimes this means still being in a public place, but not feeling particularly chatty or overly friendly. I want to be quiet. I don’t want to be “on.” I just want some space. Despite this intention and hope, it doesn’t always happen that way . . . and there are times I am thankful for it.

The other day I went to the apartment pool to get some fresh air and a change of scenery while reading emails and writing blog posts. There was enough space that I didn’t need to sit right next to anyone. So, I choose a lounge chair near a young mother with her baby in the shade. All was going as planned . . . until a 92-year-old woman who had previously befriended the young mother wouldn’t let me sit there quietly.  Initially, I was slightly annoyed, until I really stopped to consider this new person next to me. How amazing it was that this woman was 92 and still making friends. Before I knew it, the three of us were chatting about the apartment complex, the weather, children and marriage.

I find it interesting how we can be determined to have one experience and depending on how resistant we are to go with the flow or see what comes along, we could completely miss out on something . . . or someone. It’s tricky though because it can be oh so important to have good boundaries and be able to do what you want (or need) to do at any given point. However, I think there can be a balance of both. That day by the pool I was in a state of wanting not needing and it did me some good to be open to these new people. Not only am I creating community where I live, but their presence gave me some perspective on life. This experience reminded me of a video Sharon Salzberg recently created on “Street LovingKindness” which really touched me about noticing the people around us at any given moment and wishing them well.  Take a look:

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