Being Human

I wanted to check-in because it suddenly occurred to me that my posts often talk about change and growth and this and that . . . and sometimes it might feel like another source of pressure to “be better!” And so I wanted to clarify my thoughts on this promotion of growth and change, because I’m also an advocate for acceptance. For me personally, I like to challenge myself and many times it does not work out the way I want and that’s exactly why I want to try new things. I want BOTH experiences of succeeding and of being humbled. When I first went scuba diving I had fantasies of falling in love with it, being graceful and taking it up as a new pastime, because I have the privilege of living near the ocean. When in fact, I had great anxiety and was not skilled at keeping myself horizontal to avoid coral and underwater beauties. This is much of a growth-oriented experience as trying new things and them going smoothly and satisfyingly and THAT’S why I promote getting out of our comfort zone.

There’s a phrase that’s often used in yoga that talks about getting to “your edge.” However, in yoga, I don’t go for the edge or if I do it’s a rarity. It’s a fine line between injury and safety. That is not what yoga is about for me. In fact, yoga is such a soothing and calming resource that it’s one of the self-care strategies that allows me to take risks in other areas of my life. If you’re someone who wants to do things outside of your comfort zone (e.g. ask someone out, try a new hobby, move locations), but you don’t feel like you have it in you to do it. You might consider taking a look at your self-care resources. Maybe you need more community in your life to feel the support. Maybe you need to explore anxiety management techniques to feel more at ease. Maybe you need to create a calming space in your home, even if it’s just a chair, to feel like you have a place to soothe yourself after a hard day.


What in your life allows you to take risks? What/who do you go to first after having put yourself out there in a vulnerable way? Make a list of those things/people/space that help you feel supported mentally, physically, emotionally, socially.

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