Are You Carrying Around a Self-Defeating Belief?

I am so honored to have my dear friend Tracy Martin contribute to this blog. Tracy and I have been friends since junior high, but the long lasting friendship is not why she’s posting here today. It’s her self-reflection and creative pursuits that have given her so many interesting opportunities to create for others. I’m happy that she’s sharing Quilt Image 3some of her journey here with us and below her post is some questions I created for your own reflection.

Hi there, I’m Tracy from Tracybug Creative.  Karin asked me to pop in and say a few words more words about creativity.

You know I’m pretty sure I always thought of myself as the least creative person ever.  As a child, I never felt like any creative thing I did came naturally or easy for me.  I always saw my sister drawing, coloring, or doodling and I’d give it a go, but could never control my crayons to stay in the lines. My houses were always so wonky with flowers bigger than windows and growing above the rooflines. My attempt to learn an instrument landed me in the last position every time.  Likewise, I could hear myself off key with every attempt at singing.  A believable critical inner voice started a siren song of doubt very young.  As an adult, my friends would create these beautiful elaborate scrapbooks and honestly it felt so painful and uninteresting to me. For years into my adulthood, I did not believe I was creative.  I believed all of those errant critical tunes.

Funny though, I always had this urge, this urge to make something.  Like my body would get all fidgety and excited, as if I needed to find a way to express part of myself through something besides words.   I heard a story of a child asking, “Mom, do you ever get that really jittery crazy feeling like you HAVE TO MAKE SOMETHING?”  Oh, how I relate so well on many levels.  When I was pregnant with each of my children this feeling was in overdrive. I focused on decorating their nurseries.  My second child was a boy and I decided I would try my hand at sewing his baby bedding.   I copied my daughter’s’ bedding which I loved and turned it into boy colors. I was hooked.  I didn’t even own a sewing machine, just borrowed one from a friend.  A few years later my third child was on her way.  That crazy jittery feeling returned and inspired me to ask my husband to purchase me a sewing machine for my birthday. I wanted to make a quilt for this baby and I did. The next year, as Christmas was around the corner, I decided to make the baby her stocking. When I posted a picture of this stocking to my friends on Facebook, a friend asked me to make her daughter a quilt. She didn’t have this voice in her head saying “Tracy is not creative.”  My friend’s belief that I could be creative shifted my perspective.  That next day I opened an Etsy shop.

If we only listen to negative critical voices we tourniquet all the possibilities that lie ahead.  


Is there a self-defeating belief that you carry from childhood? What new step are you NOT allowing yourself to try because of a belief you hold? Is there someone in your life who has creative pursuits who you can encourage today? What words do you need to hear to help you get started and try something new?

Set your creativity free,

Tracy Martin

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