The work of acceptance in our lives, particularly in those situations we cannot change, can give us two profound perspectives. First, there are times when we can’t change something in our liGirl European appearance decade hugging herself on a blue backgroundfe. That’s true. However, we always have the profound ability to change our reaction to it . . . not I’m not talking our instant gut reaction, but rather our longerlasting, ruminating reaction. When that is not helpful to us, it can actually be destructive taking our time, energy and head space.  Secondly, paradoxically accepting something can actually

Secondly, paradoxically accepting something can actually create change because acceptance is in itself a change. When we lean into acceptance (which is not the same thing as colluding or agreeing), but we just acknowledge what is, our struggle can be less and we can be freed up to focus on other things that maybe could use our energy and attention more heartily. If you’d like to explore this more, click on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).



Are there situations or people that come to mind that you can’t change, but struggle to let go of the attempts to change them? What might it be like to take a deep breath and acknowledge that it is what it is or they are who they are? Sometimes this acceptance may lead us to change . . . in that, we may leave the friendship/relationship or situation.

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