Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy uses eye movements in the treatment protocol.

In January 2019, I pursued training in evidence-based Accelerated Resolution Therapy. You may often hear it pronounced using the letters A.R.T. or ART, not to be confused with “art therapy”. I was drawn to ART because I was hearing great things about the relief that people were feeling from their PTSD, phobias and situational anxiety among other struggles. I was skeptical, because I assumed it was very different from the way I worked and it just sounded . . . for lack of a better word “woo-woo”.

However, I took the training and discovered the ways in which it was in alignment with some of my therapeutic values. These included paying attention to somatic experiences (e.g. Check head to toe, do you have any sensations in your body positive, negative or neutral?) as well as creativity which can be a treasured resource when we’re in the midst of emotional struggles. I call Accelerated Resolution Therapy a cousin of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), because both involve the very unique experience of moving your eyes side-to-side guided by the therapist’s hand while focusing on the various elements of the treatment protocol. I experienced this first-hand as the client during my training period.

Since being trained, I have worked with clients on childhood trauma, mealtime related anxiety, panic related to work and trauma from physically abusive relationships. I have also done brief adjunctive work with other colleague’s clients when they feel particularly stuck or overwhelmed.

To learn more about Accelerated Resolution Therapy, check-out this video from psychologist Diego F. Hernandez, PsyD or this TedxUTampa talk from friend and colleague Yolanda Harper, LCSW. You can also check-out the research here.

If you would like to talk about trying Accelerated Resolution Therapy with me, give me a call or book a free 15-minute consultation via the scheduler at the bottom of my homepage.

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