Engaging in psychotherapy is an investment of effort, finances and time. To help support your efforts in creating change, I provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company in order for you to receive any reimbursement available should your insurance plan provide out-of-network benefits. To see if your insurance plan offers out-of-network outpatient mental health benefits, simply call the member number on the back of your insurance card and ask.


Individual and Couples Therapy Fee: 

50-minute session              $200


Group Therapy Fee:

60-minute session              $40

90-minute session              $60


Individual Yoga Session:

60-minute session              $75

90-minute session              $100

Workshops – As advertised


Mindfulness Meditation 101 – A Workshop Series

Starts in July 2017!

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To support your reimbursement from your out-of-network benefits, you might want to check out a service called Better. Better is a HIPPA compliant service who will serve as your patient advocate in making sure superbills are submitted, reimbursements are received and detailed information is understood by you. Their payment is 10% of whatever money you get back from the insurance company. If you don’t get a reimbursement (e.g. deductible, denials, etc.) then they don’t get paid. As we all know, insurance can be confusing and can even put out misinformation.  Sometimes it’s worth the 10% to outsource it. Please note that I have no relationship with Better and do not receive any compensation from them. I simply thought this was a much needed service for many of us navigating insurance.