On Supporting Haiti’s Hurricane Relief

Sow a Seed

After we battened down the hatches in south Florida and escaped the clutches of Hurricane Matthew, we looked on as the results of Haiti's hurricane experience was devastating. Absolutely devastating. I personally am always skeptical about how to best to reach out and help, given that we hear about corrupt organizational leaders in non-profits. I want to make sure my...[ read more ]

Walk Slowly

This is one of my favorite poems to read at the end of a yoga practice. To me, what I often feel in yoga is that reminder to slow down, be curious and open to what lies ahead . . . no matter what comes. Sometimes what comes in the yoga practice is a stiffness or ache or limitation that...[ read more ]

The Intentional Inbox

The Intentional Inbox

I know what most of us need is fewer emails coming through our inboxes. However, what if you had a weekly or monthly dose of uplifting encouragement and actually gave yourself 5 minutes to open it and let it sink into your brain? As I was cleaning out my own inboxes (yes, multiple inboxes), I couldn't bring myself to unsubscribe...[ read more ]

Fun Distraction

I'm not really trying to promote more computer use here, because I think many of us could stand to cut down on the screen time . . . okay, I could definitely cut down on the screen time. However, in the spirit of supporting you with some resources, I had to share these. I talk a lot with my clients...[ read more ]

What You Bring To The Table

What do you like about yourself? This is a question I ask all new clients on their initial paperwork before we first meet. When we're struggling with a piece of our life (or maybe the big picture of our entire life) it's important to not discount our strengths . . . what we already bring to the table. Sometimes, remembering...[ read more ]

What’s Your Fortification?

What in your life fortifies you? When I say “fortification,” I'm not talking about a tough exterior in which nothing can hurt you. I'm not talking about walls so high and thick that you can't let people into your world. I'm talking about a sense of fortification within yourself.   A sense of feeling solid about who you are and...[ read more ]

Taking Back Your Life

Taking Back Your Life

I was listening to a morning show last week discussing real-life scenarios of people becoming so consumed with something that it significantly impacted their romantic relationship. The callers' stories ranged from video games to guitar playing to CrossFit. The radio hosts were even talking about a lawyer that specializes in divorce due to CrossFit obsession! Say what? It seems so...[ read more ]

The Lens

I just watched a video from TedxBloomington by psychologist Shawn Achor, who is fun, fast-talking and poignant. I invite you to watch his 12 minute talk on changing your lens through action and therefore rewiring your brain.       “The lens from which your brain views the world shapes your reality.” - Shawn Achor   Actions and Reactions: What...[ read more ]

Vacationing with Talking Hands

I'm having a privileged opportunity to go on vacation this week with my parents and their deaf club in Oklahoma called Talking Hands. Some people in the group are deaf, some are hard of hearing, like my dad, and some are hearing and work as interpreters. My sign language is not fluent, but it exists. My hope is to beef...[ read more ]

Through Tragedy

There's no simple or easy way to move through unexpected tragedy. It's a process. It raises existential questions and intense emotions, even when we're not directly impacted by events. Vicariously, we are all impacted, whether we stop and allow it to sink in or not. There are implications for our world and our sense of safety. Traumatic events can evoke...[ read more ]


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