About Karin

Hi and welcome!

At my last yoga teacher training trip to Nashville, TN, May 2015.

I’m so glad you stopped by. I am a psychologist, licensed in both the state of California (PSY23438) and Florida (PY 8275) and I am a registered yoga teacher.

I am passionate about helping people create change in their lives through self-reflection, self-compassion, new perspective, and new ideas. My background includes a doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a concentration in health psychology (dealing with health issues and the emotional toll that it can cause, as well as how the health of the mind can support the health of the body), mindfulness based skills (quieting down, being still . . . getting more comfortable with being still, increasing our awareness and decreasing our judgmental mind), the spectrum of eating disorders and diet culture (by compassionately looking at our relationship with food & with our body), life empowerment (starting a new chapter, writing our future), exploring creativity and learning how to step outside of your box to bring zest and adventure to life.

Whether you use the online resources on this website in a self-help format or make the decision to work with me directly, my hope is that I add to your journey in some way.