The Sleepless Ones

The Sleepless Ones

This past weekend I attended a three day event with guest speaker Jack Kornfield, a psychologist from northern California. While I predict I may be writing about this weekend experience for multiple weeks, I wanted to start with this poem he shared, which was new to me. The chord that struck me about this writing was the common humanity piece....[ read more ]

You Got This! Executive Functioning Skills at a Glance

Executive Functioning Skills at a Glance

Since it is relatively still the beginning of 2017 and we've all just set goals and intentions and are wanting to make them materialize, we may have bought a planner, daybook … or are converting to digital options. I thought this might be a great time to touch base around those skills of organizing and planning. Yes, they're actually skills....[ read more ]

Social Media Sobriety

I have conflicting feelings about social media and its effect on us. I see the potential harm to us . . . potentially reducing our in-person connections, increasing isolation and loneliness, increasing comparison - which does a number on our esteem, being an unhealthy platform for people to harass and hide. Despite these concerns, I am active on social media...[ read more ]


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