Vacationing with Talking Hands

I'm having a privileged opportunity to go on vacation this week with my parents and their deaf club in Oklahoma called Talking Hands. Some people in the group are deaf, some are hard of hearing, like my dad, and some are hearing and work as interpreters. My sign language is not fluent, but it exists. My hope is to beef...[ read more ]

Through Tragedy

There's no simple or easy way to move through unexpected tragedy. It's a process. It raises existential questions and intense emotions, even when we're not directly impacted by events. Vicariously, we are all impacted, whether we stop and allow it to sink in or not. There are implications for our world and our sense of safety. Traumatic events can evoke...[ read more ]

The Power of Our Storytelling

Feeling incredibly honored to be a new contributor for ED Blogs, I am jumping in this week with a reoccurring theme for me these past few months . . . storytelling. While this has actually been a theme in much of my life, more recently it has been popping up consistently. As a psychologist, I have the privilege of hearing...[ read more ]


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