The Negative Zone Turned Upside Down

I can't help but feel the negativity of the world these days and see how it impacts my thoughts. The intensity of the politics, the repeated crime against our fellow humans, my small privileged stressors of everyday are unfortunately in my awareness, even when I try to avoid the news. I recognized the toll recently, because I tend to be...[ read more ]

Rage Against the Scale

Amy Jaffe, M.S., R.D. L.D. has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with on a healthcare team. Amy specializes in treating children and adults who struggle with eating disorders, and I have been witness to her gentle guidance, as well as her passionate advocacy work. It with honor that I have her as a guest writer this week on the...[ read more ]

Psychological Aspects to Salabhasana/Locust Pose

While challenging, this pose can also feel incredibly grounding as the majority of our body is in connection with the floor. What I mean by “grounding” is a sense of being present in the here-and-now and a strong sense of being in our body. Grounding can also be emotionally soothing and provide a sense of reassurance, since we often live...[ read more ]

Salabhasana/Locust Pose

Lying on our stomach, relaxed with our arms straight by our sides, legs are straight with toes pointed. Head is down. On your next breath we lift our arms, legs, head and chest up toward the sky with our eyes looking forward. Arms are still near our body parallel to the floor with outstretched fingers. The spine is extending, which...[ read more ]


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