The theme of movement has really been showing up in my life lately in a variety of ways in my work with psychotherapy and yoga clients and for me personally. Bodily movement, emotional movement, residential movement, idealogical movement, occupational movement, relational movement. It's everywhere! Where's the movement in your life these days? The world is always in movement. – V....[ read more ]

Being Human

I wanted to check-in because it suddenly occurred to me that my posts often talk about change and growth and this and that . . . and sometimes it might feel like another source of pressure to “be better!” And so I wanted to clarify my thoughts on this promotion of growth and change, because I'm also an advocate for...[ read more ]


The work of acceptance in our lives, particularly in those situations we cannot change, can give us two profound perspectives. First, there are times when we can't change something in our life. That's true. However, we always have the profound ability to change our reaction to it . . . not I'm not talking our instant gut reaction, but rather our...[ read more ]

The Psychological Aspects of Tadasana/Mountain Pose

The symbol of a mountain evokes many kinds of connotations. To me tadasana is like that power pose (a.k.a. the superman pose) that is talked about in Amy Cuddy's TED talk. How mountain became a more meaningful experience to me during my yoga teacher training was because we went through all these nuances of standing. After the work of checking-in...[ read more ]

Our Emotional Life is Housed Not Only in Our Brain, but Also Our Body

A brand new feature of the blog will be a monthly yoga post. The intention is to focus on one asana (or pose) each month. Modifications for the pose will be mentioned, as well as potential psychological ways to utilize the pose. The idea being that our emotional life is housed not only in our brain but also our body. That's...[ read more ]


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