Are You Carrying Around a Self-Defeating Belief?

I am so honored to have my dear friend Tracy Martin contribute to this blog. Tracy and I have been friends since junior high, but the long lasting friendship is not why she’s posting here today. It’s her self-reflection and creative pursuits that have given her so many interesting opportunities to create for others. I’m happy that she’s sharing some...[ read more ]

Being Open to Others

There are times when I want “alone time.” Sometimes this means still being in a public place, but not feeling particularly chatty or overly friendly. I want to be quiet. I don't want to be “on.” I just want some space. Despite this intention and hope, it doesn't always happen that way . . . and there are times I...[ read more ]

Don’t Think Too Hard

The other day I was asked to moderate a talk after a play which touched on various life issues and themes, such as feminism, relationships, and stages of life. My reward was getting to go to the show for free. I love theater and I don't go often enough, so when the option of a free ticket came up with...[ read more ]

A Love for Learning

Last November I attended a day-long training with Drs. C. Alexander and Annellen M. Simpkins on “Neuroscience for Clinicians: Mind-Brain Change for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Moods and Substance Abuse.” What a fun dynamic team of psychologists they were! As you can imagine, each of those subtopics could have been its own full day of learning, but the overview was powerful...[ read more ]


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