Planners…..My Crazy Obsession

As I've mentioned before, I often don't need the new year to have a feeling of freshness to my life. I enthusiastically use the first of the month as a new beginning. . . or it's also a great way to reframe the concept of Mondays. However, one part of the new year that feels particularly special is getting a...[ read more ]

Reading, Reading, Reading . . . or not . . .

First, I have to acknowledge that this title came from my fabulous new virtual assistant Gwendolyn (you can check out her site by clicking here) as she and I were communicating about writing more for the blog and on a bright Monday morning I get an email from her that reminds me to do some “writing, writing, writing.” It made...[ read more ]

Coming Soon: Mindfulness Meditation 101 Group

I'm really excited to share that in late January 2016, I will be starting a 6-week mindfulness meditation group! This is a shortened version of a group I led for two semesters at the University of California-Davis with undergraduate and graduate students and I'm so excited to be bringing it to the Miami community. Here's an appetizer about why mindfulness...[ read more ]

Self-Care Reactions

Hi dear reader, Hope this finds you well. I'm so moved my the positive feedback and support I received last week. It was quite a process of reflection, responsibility and risk to put myself out there like this. It meant the world that you supported it. Speaking of the three Rs from last week, I wanted to follow-up a bit...[ read more ]


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